Welcome to Tokyo Labor Consultation Center HP!
Tokyo Labor Consultation Center is an agency of Industry and Labor Bureau of Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
We provide the following services: labor consultation, publication, information, seminar, lending labor-related videos, etc.


Labor consultation in foreign language: At Tokyo Labor Consultation Center, there are translators of English and Chinese in order to give advice and consultation to foreign workers. Translators are available as follows:


Iidabashi Office
Osaki Office

Kokubunji Office

Mon. through Fri.

Ditto. Ditto.
Chinese Iidabashi Office Tue., Wed., & Thu. 2-4pm 03-3265-6110

★Reservation is needed for consultation in person.

Consultation in other foreign languages
* System to dispatch a translator of five other languages
In order to meet requirements of consultation in languages other than English and Chinese, we have a service to dispatch a translator. Translators of the following five languages could be dispatched: Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Thai, & Persia. Please apply for this service in advance if you would like to utilize it.

Publication: "The Foreign Workers' Handbook" Please contact us if you like to have a copy.

★All consultation services are available free of charge
★Confidentiality concerning consultation will be strictly kept.